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Jul 16, 2014
Happy Birthday Michael!

Happy Birthday Michael from everyone at Lord of the Dance! more »

VB Comments

Really excited to see the show on the 3rd April in Brighton, however I am a little confused as the website I booked the tickets through said that Micheal would be performing on that date , but this website has said he is not. These tickets have been bought as a special treat for my Birthday (that day) and for the others that are coming it was the only reason that they agreed to come along. Please can you let me know if Micheal is planning on being there or not.


I am writing to firstly wish Michael all the Luck in the world for his new show, Dangerous Games..
I met Michael when he first danced in Lord Of The Dance, my nephew danced in the show with you of which I am still very proud of and always will be..
I am interested to know if Michael can make any Birthday announcements during his show ?
Maybe a very big ask! But I am bringing my daughter as a birthday surprise! ( Hopefully she wont read this post) and it would make our night if she could be wished a happy birthday by Michael...
It will be a very emotional evening I know, and I simply cant wait to see the show .. I cna give the date and seats booked in a private e mail if thats possible ?
Many Thanks and Good Luck to all performing in Dangerous Games!

Jane O'Brien

For the love of ALL that is holy, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a show in Canada. Don't leave us out of your last tour!!!!


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