Celtic Tiger

Michael Flatley is the internationally acclaimed master of dance. In 2005 his unrivalled skill and artistry combined in an epic that fused the spirit and history of Ireland with dance and music. The result was a masterpiece, showcasing Irish dance as a dynamic, powerful art form.

Says Michael, "Celtic Tiger portrays the oppression of a people. The tiger itself symbolizes the awakening of their spirit in the struggle for freedom. The show itself is a 90 minute spectacular. It is very fast moving, powerful and hard-hitting and I think that it is something that you have never seen before."

Few races have played a more significant role on the stage of world history than the Irish.

Ireland 's history provides a dramatic story board for Michael Flatley , challenging his creative ability to produce a spectacle that is at once provocative and sensitive. The story unfolds with the Celts. And as darkness fills the stage the pulsating sound of taps signal the beginning of a daring production that is masterful in terms of choreography, music, stage presentation and costume design.

The Story

Join us for a journey through the pages of history. Discover how the people of Ireland found their pace in the world through courage, ingenuity and an unfailing sense of their own destiny. more »

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