Feet of Flames - Hyde Park

The spectacular Feet of Flames premiered on July 25, 1998 before an audience of over 25,000 at London’s historic ‘Route of Kings’. A specially engineered four-tiered stage showcased over 100 dancers, a full band and chorus, plus his spellbinding a cappella solo. The largest seated show ever performed in the UK, it was also the biggest, most visually dazzling dance show ever staged. The performance video became one of the top sellers of all time, going platinum the world over.

After the Hyde Park show, Michael took a well-deserved break from touring – but not from living his “follow your dreams” philosophy. He spent the rest of 1998 developing new Lord of the Dance troupes, including one at Disneyworld’s Epcot Center in Florida. But soon his public demanded more and Michael was persuaded to tour Europe and the United States with a thrilling new version of Feet of Flames.

Michael and the troupe in the Feet of Flames finale "Victory"

Feet of Flames - World Tour 2000

In September 1999, Michael announced his new Feet of Flames 2000 World Tour in a spectacular one-off launch event, emerging from the depths of a flaming lake on the grounds of Satsvey Castle in Southern Germany.

During the summer of 2000, the show played to over four million people in Western Europe, including a single audience of over 100,000 in Budapest, Hungary. The last European show, a spectacular finale at Stormont in Belfast, Northern Ireland, proved that hearts united through music and dance need pay no head to historical boundaries. The following video release, Gold, chronicled Michael’s astonishing career and included many scenes shot during these Belfast and Budapest shows.

Cry of the Celts

Feet of Flames - The Victory Tour

Wherever he took the show, Michael was met with enthusiastic audiences and standing ovations. Beginning in June 2001, Michael brought his Feet of Flames – The Victory Tour, to 20 American cities. The highlight was the fulfillment of Michael’s dream to perform to a sell-out crowd at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Those fortunate enough to get a ticket agreed, this was truly Michael at the pinnacle of his art.


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