Special Guest Appearance Michael Flatley
8 week limited engagement Nov 7th - Jan 3rd

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  • Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

  • Tune in to CBS to see Michael at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade at 10:20am!

  • Thank you to all of our fans, they're the best in the world!

  • It’s always nice to meet fans, even in the rain! Get your tickets for the New York show here:

  • Enjoying a joke with the cast on a day off

  • Thank you NYPD We love New York!

  • Waiting to take the Lyric Theatre stage. Tickets available here

  • Just back from a quick trip to Zurich. Looking forward to being back on the Broadway stage! Tickets here:

  • With the cast after the show at the Hallenstadion Arena in Zurich

  • Michael is performing in Zurich tomorrow, will you be there?

  • Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games comes to Cork for the first time ever Live at the Marquee! Also playing in Dublin. Tickets sales start tomorrow! Click here for details!

  • New York, welcome to Michael Flatley. Tickets here:

  • Watch Michael behind the scenes at the Lyric Theatre on Inside Edition

  • Watch Michael behind the scenes at the @lyricbroadway on @InsideEdition
  • In case you missed last night's interview and performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Check it out!

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  • Dear Michael and your loved ones, your wonderful troupe and also Judy - Happy Thanksgiving to you! It is a delight to see the video with your beautiful message. May God bless you too; may you be surrounded, guarded and protected by His holy angels.

    Eva Schwarz (from Germany)

    Nov 26, 2015
  • You've always been a massive role model to me. Lately I've been suffering with seasonal affective disorder so I become depressed in the winter season, so watching your shows is about the only thing that gets me through it! Thank you so much for just doing what you're doing!

    Nov 25, 2015
  • I am inconsolable, I live in Lausanne and I wanted to see you in Zurich, but I was coud not go to your show. I am sooo sad. I love Irish music, and when I do early in the morning my jogging, I'm dancing in the street.

    Hope to see you soon in on the Swiss, love, Doina

    Nov 24, 2015
  • Enjoying Lord of the Dance again on my old VHS tape.... always enjoyable and your dancing is mesmerizing!

    Nov 21, 2015
  • Hello Michael. We met through HSH Prince Rainier III of Monaco back in 2003 at the Red Cross Gala in Monte Carlo, as you may recall.

    Glad you're doing well. Just a quick note to wish you success in everything. See you sometime next time.


    Igor Doubenko-Lazarev

    Nov 21, 2015
  • Hi, me and my friend Barbara went to see dangerous games at playhouse theatre. One word awesome. That was unfortunately our first time in seeing your shows. That was a mistake we loved it

    Nov 20, 2015
  • Dear Michael - travelling back from Zürich I think about the wonderful experience to see you again and your beautiful, fascinating show and troupe. Thank you so much! I am amazed that you do this although you are also dancing on Broadway. Also thinking about your health I wish you all the strength you need, may our Heavenly Father protect your health and keep you safe.

    I pray for you,

    Eva Schwarz (from Germany)

    Nov 20, 2015
  • Hi Michael, would just like to say that ever since seeing your original 1996 show, 3 times by the way, Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham, me and my family have been to your shows as often as we could, most recently, the Palladium in London last year and once again it was absolutely fantastic, so much so we booked tickets to see it again in our home town of Nottingham, thankyou for carrying on with this show, you have brought joy to millions 😊, there's just one thing I'd like to ask, will there ever be a bluray version of the 1996 version as I think it needs to be updated, I have the video still lol, and the dvd but as I'm must know the quality unfortunately is not very good, and how amazing would it be for all the fans who remember, and we're there, for the original show, I for one would definitely buy it , as I'm sure would everyone, yours hopefully Graham from Nottingham

    Nov 18, 2015
  • Hi there Michael and troop. Greetings from Ireland. I'm just visiting NYC. I've already seen the production in the 3 Arena in Dublin and it was so good I had to see it again on Broadway. Best of Luck. Mary

    Nov 18, 2015
  • We took our daughter to see you in San Diego many years ago. She insisted on waiting for the 'stage door'. You came out of the car, spoke to her and signed her playbill and poster. What a treat!!! She was thrilled. She is now a dancer on Broadway in Hamilton.....Thank you!!

    Nov 17, 2015
  • Saw the show at The Playhouse in London on Saturday afternoon, it was just fabulous. Brilliant dancing, and lots of surprises, a show for everyone...

    Nov 16, 2015
  • I was sad to hear this is your last performance. I was not able to see you in California due to poo ersonal issues and as hard as I tried could not make it to this performance. I always loved watching your performances and you are the reason Ireland starred calling me home. Good luck in your next endeavor.

    Nov 16, 2015
  • Hi.I hope if the Lord of the dance company..

    To come back again in Egypt..

    Is my dream..please if some day you want to come

    To Egypt.. we can make the pyramids theater..

    Keep in touch

    Friend from Egypt

    Nov 15, 2015
  • thank you for your thrilling performances over the years. i have so enjoyed you. your visit to stephan colbert gave everyone a last chance to see you. sincerely.....

    Nov 15, 2015
  • Ive been watching Lord of the Dance for yours and im now introducing it to my 3 month old baby. Im sorry to hear your retiring Michael Flatley but the shows have been amazing to watch on tv and I was never more glad that I was able to take my mum to a show here in Sydney Australia - shes in her 60s and had never seen one of your shows in person. A massive thank you to you for being a massive impact on all of our lives.

    Nov 15, 2015
  • Our family saw you in Denver performing in Lord of the Dance. It was fabulous and our kids still talk about that night and how magical the evening was.

    Nov 15, 2015

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