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  • The tour is starting in 2 days - sneak a peek from backstage! I hope you all enjoy watching my talented troupe!

  • Michael caught up with Ellie & Sarah during the week at one of our locations for the Michael Flatley DANCE Academy! It's never too late to join - childrens and adults! Visit for all classes and locations. We hope to see you there!

  • Like our new Michael Flatley DANCE Academy page!

  • Looking Back! Michael sharing some fun times on tour before his retirement. The cast are ready for their next tour in Europe, led by James Keegan. Starting September 27th in Germany where we have performed over 1000 shows.

  • Michael at the Lord Mayor's Lounge at The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin for the launch of a dynamic new afternoon tea inspired by his art. The delicious pastries featuring a selection of Michael's works were created by executive pastry chefs Garry Hughes and Katie McLoughlin.

  • #TBT Michael sharing a moment with James, Tom and the cast before his final Las Vegas performance last March.

  • You've been asking and yes we have adult classes at our Staines and Woking locations. We hope to see you there. Visit for times and registration.

  • Be part of our future and take charge of your own! Learn to dance at the new Michael Flatley DANCE Academy. Online booking at

  • With dear friend Brendan Murphy on the 18th in Doonbeg. A beautiful sunny day in Ireland!

  • RT @getsurrey: Applications for @MichaelFlatley's Dance Academy open next week
  • We were in Johannesburg at this time last year. Time goes by so quickly. Here's Michael with Jess practicing her intricate opening sequence for the show at the Montecasino.

  • Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes.
  • Thanks for all your kind birthday wishes here and on the Lord of the Dance page.

  • We are excited to announce the launch of the Michael Flatley DANCE Academy with classes starting September in the London area. Other cities to follow. For more information and sign up details visit

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  • U are the best.cant wait to see the hole show in Australia i will bring my grandson age 10 he loves the dancing. Keep up the great work your doing xx

    Sep 24, 2016
  • Ever since I was 2 years old,I watched Lord of the Dance on tape. I was so obsessed with the show that I begged my mom and dad to let me start Irish dance. I started when I was 5 years old in a local Dance school in South Africa. . This year I watched Dangerous Games live in Johannesburg ,and I was so amazed I almost fainted afterwards. I painted my walls and everything Lord of the Dance and I still dance today because of the passion and the love of Irish dance that you Mr. Flatley brought into the world . My life is Irish dance . Thank you for spreading the love of Irish dance into the world with this fantastic show.

    Sep 24, 2016
  • Thank you for everything! I'm 27 but to this very day I still consider July 29, 2001 one of the greatest moments of my life. I went to the Atlanta show since that's where I'm from but it just wasn't enough. I had to see MF and the troupe one last time in Dallas. I guess it was because MF was suppose to retire that night but there was something special or magically about the Dalllas show. It's a memory and a day I'll never let go of. Pre 9/11 a summer of Irish American pride, an innocence and fun. I wish the FOF World/Victory tour could be revived again even if MF wouldn't be starring in it. Nothing's impossible...Follow your dreams.

    Sep 22, 2016
  • Hi Michael, I have been inspired by you since I was a little girl I have seen every dvd performance of you and was lucky enough to see you at the O2 arena. I hope I meet you one day in person. you've inspired me to dance and now I cant stop, :)

    Sep 21, 2016
  • Hi Michael! My name is Jamie Cole. I am 21 years old and I am one of you're biggest fans. I always dreamed of seeing you live since i was about 8 years old and it finally came true on march 9th 2016 at the budwieser event center in Loveland Colorado. I now want a lord of the dance tattoo cause i have loved it since i was little and it means more to me now then ever. I was wondering if you have a specific symbol you use for it. I have one thats on the belt and a couple costumes i just dont know if its an official symbol for it. If you or someone can let me know it would mean the world! Thanks!

    Sep 21, 2016
  • Hello i am a big fan from austria

    Since i was a little boy i saw so many videos from Michael Flatley

    I also began to dance like Michael Flatley in a dancing school with few years

    now i am 21 and i still love all dance movies from Michael Flatley

    I hope Michael Flatley will come back to Vienna again

    because the last time i had no chance to come last year :/

    Sep 19, 2016
  • Michael, you have given us many hours of GREAT entertainment and joy. Thank you so very much. May God bless you and keep you, and my ALL of your dreams come true. My wife Ileen and I can't get enough of watching your videos. We just wish that Riverdance was out on DVD. We can only find it on VHS and our player is broken. But we still love watching you on the DVD's we have been able to get. As the sign said in "Feet of Flames", "Forever Dancing In Our Hearts." Once more, thank you, thank you, thank you! And you deserve every award you have ever got, or ever will receive! As an Irish American myself, I have to say that you have made us all proud (even more than being Irish makes us proud). You have made our heritage live and breath, and shown the world what it is to be Irish and a Celt. One last time, Thank You!

    Sep 19, 2016
  • Ah, the "VB"! I remember this! I started using it in 1997/8. Dear Michael, every now and then I look you up to see how you're doing. The Opus and The Academy sounds exciting. Please do me a favour: Release all your old shows on BLU RAY, especially 'Celtic Tiger'. XOXO

    Sep 18, 2016
  • You and yours are exceptional !

    Sep 18, 2016
  • Sizi Türkiye'de izlemeyi çok istiyorum. Lütfen gelin.

    I would love to watch you in Turkey. Please come.

    Sep 17, 2016
  • The video and dancing was just amazing.Great energy.

    Sep 16, 2016
  • Michael Flatley is all over my house... his book... his videos from the old days.. his dvds... his merchandise... he's my idol and my passion.. because his passion is mine and Flatley did the unthinkable in Irish dancing. My dream is that one day I will meet you Mr. Flatley... I WILL meet you one day... Vegas March 17, 2016 St Paddy's Day was a dream come true to see you perform for your retirement.... your biggest fan...hope to just shake hands with you...xox

    Sep 10, 2016
  • You light up my life. When are you coming to Philadelphia! I'm a grad student and hospice nurse...with my eyes glued to the computer when I don't work. I look at you and I smile making my day.

    Sep 07, 2016
  • I still have my VHS tapes of your dancing(yes I still have a VCR). You always surprised me with the different routines you came up with. My son was 10 or 11 when we got hooked on your shows! He is now almost 32 and has daughters of his own now 11 and 10. Thank you for so much pleasure you have given our family. With best regards, Jan

    Sep 06, 2016
  • Michael, thanks for all the years, all the miles and all the music!!!!!! I hope in the future to see one of your shows in person. I love the tiger feet, behind the scenes!!!!!! Many thanks!!!!!!

    Sep 03, 2016
  • I just saw some of your videos and just wanted to let you know that I thought they were amazing and would of loved to have seen u dance live. My son loves that kind of dancing as well!

    Aug 29, 2016

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