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  • Sometimes you have to see the things that are not on the page...

  • On set in #Barbados with the greatest team in the world

  • Up to speed!

  • “And those who were dancing were thought to be insane...by those who couldn’t hear the music!”

  • For my Father. It was his favourite tune. Love you Dad. Miss you ❤

  • For my mother. God I miss her. This was her favourite tune

  • 7 days a week!! Thanks to the lads at Wentworth gym and Justin Brooks!

  • Music is Love

  • My Persian beauty Raha. Hollywood hasn’t seen this kind of beauty. Ravishing!

  • #ThrowbackThursday Feet of Flames solo, Hyde Park. “Nothing Is Impossible”

  • My show @lotdofficial opens in Russia tonight kicking off their latest tour. Visit LordoftheDance.com for updates!

  • A day off with my beautiful bride in St. Jean Cap Ferrat last July

  • Thank you Nicole. Rehearsals going great. What a star!!

  • I’m ready...I hope he is

  • Our Superstar singer/actress @mlkellyyy. She loves the Ferrari!

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  • Mr Flatley , Dearest Michael , Today at last I have received my copy of The History Of Castlehyde, I look forward very much to reading this . The print is quite small so it will be a bit at a time ! I notice that Castlehyde is written as Two words , in your own book it is written as one word , I wonder which is correct ? I have asked many times for the video clip of Castlehyde to be made available again , the tour with a lady called Madeline from the Irish Times , it is a joy to see and hear ... please put it back again .... always happy to have news of you , and await the new adventures , love and miss your dancing lots X. ♥️ X.

    Nov 17, 2017
  • I recently discovered Michaël on YouTube. Wonderful dancer il regret not having learnt tapdance

    Ï shared vidéos with m'y whole friendss on Facebook

    Nov 16, 2017
  • Dear Michael - it is exciting to see all your news on your websites and I reflect what your new project will be about and I have a guess ;) So I look forward to the things to come. I also wish you to be embraced by the Lord Jesus' love and comfort when you think of your dear parents. May they both be sure in Jesus' kingdom now.

    I have you in my prayers,

    Eva Schwarz (from Germany)

    Nov 11, 2017
  • It’s such a shame Age catches up with us all, would love to see you do lord of the dance again. Brilliant.

    Nov 11, 2017
  • Hiya Michael, why don't you get together with Jeff Lynne of ELO and do an out Of The Blue concert?

    Nov 10, 2017
  • My son Sebastian and I love your shows. We hope we will be in Oberhausen next year.

    Nov 09, 2017
  • As a little girl I loved watching Michael Flatley in Riverdance. My nana loved watching him dance. He is an incredible dancer!

    Nov 07, 2017
  • Love love watching you and your company dance....beautiful..

    Nov 07, 2017
  • It's magic to see Michael dance ! :-)

    Nov 05, 2017
  • Когда я впервые увидел ваше шоу в Екатеринбурге, полтора года назад, я сказал, что это лучшее шоу, что я видел в своей жизни. Сегодня было еще лучше. Никогда не забывайте про Екатеринбург. Здесь вам рады всегда. Ждем вас как можно скорее. Вы самые лучшие

    Nov 05, 2017
  • You are the first guy since Gene Kelly to make dancing look like fun!

    Nov 03, 2017
  • I first saw you in '95 on pbs in Pittsburgh Pa I would love to know what show that was so I can get the dvd. I now have 3 dvd's of riverdance, one from bronson and two I bought on amazon, the one from bronson my mom bought before she passed 3 years ago...I wish you much joy and happiness with your injuries please do becareful I have many of the same injuries (I am just klutzy)I don't have a torn calf muscle but I know the others to be very painful I wish you and your new bride (that i think I saw in the video)much love and happiness and joy with that 10 yo son.

    God Bless you and yours, perhaps I will be fortunate before I die to see Ireland as you have (I am 2 years your junior and am not getting my hopes up I would settle for a decent laptop!)

    Nov 03, 2017
  • Hello Michael Flatley,

    Turning that ghost lamp on was a way down memory lane. The Music Tree. And keep on dancing an boxing.

    Maestro Flatley!!!!!!!


    Nov 01, 2017
  • Hi Michael - love yr work man 😍 and I may be a distant (#Aus) relative - my mother's family left Ireland to come here in 1800's. Well we never know til we do our tree & it seems most Flatleys (Oflaherty) who are Irish are related. Hope so anyway 💃💟

    Oct 27, 2017
  • Mr Flatley Dearest Michael , what a lovely surprise to see your dancing clip from you , I believe just before you went to Broadway . Those magical amazing feet . The words in my mind are ... I miss it .... I remember watching the clip time to leave the ghost lamp on , thinking how bitter sweet for you , Dance has been in your life nearly forever , you made it your own and achieved great things and Followed your dreams . We all I'm sure miss you on the stage I certainly do . I just need to say PLEASE bring us another dance show , you are so creative for your art , with the very best dance troupes ever . You give out so much happiness .... isn't that what life is about .. to be happy and give out the love ... Do so hope for another show , keep following your dreams Michael , as I will too ... love you lots and miss you X. ♥️ X. Thankyou Sandra Ellerker .

    Oct 22, 2017
  • Just want to say I have watched Michael Flatley since I was 6 years old in 1996 and I have enjoyed every show and recently been to see Dangerous Games in Nottingham Uk and it was best show I've ever watched! My 2 daughters aged 7 & 6 years are watching my DVD which I purchased of the show at the royal concert hall and I cannot wait but hopefully to take them to the live show in the future fingers crossed! Fantastic!!

    Oct 22, 2017

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