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  • Exchanging gifts with Mr. Jung today at the screening of my film Blackbird for China Film Group in Beijing.

  • This is where I go for inspiration. The Blackwater River in Castlehyde. So lovely to be back here. The creative energy just flows...

  • In Doonbeg with the legendary Brian Shaw (Shawzie) and Super Dave Egan. Best mates forever! Love Doonbeg! Beautiful place, beautiful people!

  • Tearing up the town! At the famous Matt Molloy’s Pub in Westport. Fabulous music! Thanks for a brilliant night lads! Love Irish music!

  • What a beautiful stay at Ashford Castle in Co Mayo! Thanks to the lovely staff. World Class.

  • These ARE the good old days!!! Isn’t life great?

  • Flashback. JP McManus Open at Adare Manor in Limerick 2010 with @ianjamespoulter. Fantastic! By the way, I made the putt!

  • 20 years ago today! Feet of Flames HYDE Park London. 100 dancers! 50,000 people! Seems like yesterday! Follow your dreams...

  • Ahhh thanks for all my lovely birthday wishes!! Bless you all. July 16th 2018! Thank you God for everything I have, everything I ever did have, everything I ever will have! The best is yet to come!!!!❤

  • Coming to my birthday, I really miss you Dad. Thank you for everything I have. I’d have nothing or be nothing without you buddy. Love you. 🙏

  • Playing a few tunes with Matt Molloy and Seamus Tansey. Best mates and heroes.

  • I’ve dreamt of making a movie since I was 7 years old. Nothing great is ever easy but Nothing is Impossible!! Job Done!!!

  • Having a few laughs with the great James Nesbitt at the Princes Polo yesterday. What a lovely day.

  • Private screening of Blackbird Thursday in London. Very excited!

  • 20 years later on Broadway!!! You can’t keep a good man down!

  • 22 years later and we’re still standing!!! When you work hard, you are rewarded! God has blessed us.

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  • Ever since i was little i have LOVED Lord Of The Dance! Recently i bought the 2014 Dangerous games DVD and i was left crying with Joy. It truly is the most amazing dance spectacular ever! I hope in my lifetime i can see this amazing dance show live in Australia 😍

    Aug 11, 2018
  • I’m now 28 and from been a very young child I’ve watched Lord of the Dance, Riverdance and fleet of flames, with my Gran, she is such an inspiration to me and it’s thanks to her I love your shows and dancing and all that goes with it....it makes me feel so many different emotions that I just can’t tell you, Michael you’ve always said follow your dreams...mine is one day I am lucky enough to meet you 💚

    Aug 09, 2018
  • Hello, I first saw The Lord of the Dance in Vegas, more than 10 years ago. I still have DVD, saw you perform in Florida, 6 years ago. Love ALL the dancers. My son age 39, gets mesmerized watching!

    Aug 01, 2018
  • Hi Michael from Italy. Waiting for to see the king of Riverdance one time, hoping for an italian's tour😍

    Jul 30, 2018
  • Hi Michael just a note to say how proud I am to have my young cousin Fran dance with your troup! It’s fantastic to see Her childhood dream come true just as yours did! Martina

    Jul 28, 2018
  • My 5 year old son is really into dance and in the last two years has done 2 years Street Dance and 1 year Ballet. Recently I bought Riverdance, Celtic Tiger, and Lord of the Dance on DVD. Wyatt is doing his best to learn them just off the TV. I have promised him that if you have a show in England next year he and I will go. Well done.

    Jul 25, 2018
  • I just enjoyed your show at Fallsview Hotel. Happy Birthday always. The new show is awesome and I could watch it again already and hope to do so soon. I have now seen it 4 times including one very rainy night in Toronto.

    Jul 24, 2018
  • Greetings to you Michael and your wonderful cast of performers. We saw your performance July 20 in Niagara Falls at the casino. I am still humming the tunes. Thank you for a fantastic evening! I am looking forward to seeing your show again. Cheers!

    Jul 22, 2018
  • Am a 64 year old african american who enjoys your dances very much. From time to time i pop into youtube to see your past performnce. I just want to say hi and wish you well. you have done wonderfully for music in general but specifically Irish music. Enjoy life with your beautiful family. Cheers

    Jul 22, 2018
  • The happiest of birthdays to you a bit late. We are going to see Dangerous game at Casino Fallsview tomorrow and I can’t wait

    Jul 20, 2018
  • Hi Michael and family. We just met you at villa d’este. You are a true gentleman and a fireball of talent. Jacky and Dario from Santa Barbara. Come say hi one day if you are in California

    Jul 17, 2018
  • Happy Birthday.

    And welcome to the club of swinging 60s...

    Jul 17, 2018
  • Happy 60th Birthday Michael Flately. Just read your book, it was an excellent read an insight into the first half of your life, hope you have a big party.Hoping everything is well with you and the family.

    Jul 16, 2018
  • A very happy birthday! Enjoy it to the fullest!

    Jul 16, 2018
  • Happy Birthday, Michael! May you have a wonderful day followed by an awesome year. We love you... Coni

    Jul 16, 2018
  • just midnight here – July 16 :)

    – Happy and Blessed Birthday to you Dear Michael –

    I wish you the deep peace and joy of the Lord Jesus Christ, His blessing, leading and protecting Hand every day and also continued good health.

    You can look back at an amazing success and have brought so much joy in many people’s life,

    and also with the look forward: may the Lord Jesus open up to you His good treasure of everything He has in store for you,

    may you seize it, may you put all your trust in Him and therefore look forward with confidence, assured that the Almighty God has every day of your future in His loving Hand,

    may the Heavenly Father envelop you in His Love,

    I have you in my prayers,

    Eva Schwarz (from Germany)

    Jul 15, 2018

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