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  • Just received this from my friends in Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny, a beautiful part of Ireland where my grandmother was born. I play a tune! Comhaltas

  • I'm honoured to have received an award for my "Service to Humanitarian Causes" at the CC Forum in Monaco, in recognition of my work with homeless charities. David Arkless was also an award recipient, congratulations David!

  • Really enjoyed being on Loose Women today. Big love to Charlene, Judi, Denise and Brenda! Thank you for helping me spread the word about Breakthrough Cancer Research

  • A dream come true! I'm honoured to receive the award for Best Actor at the Monaco Film Festival. Check out this review in the
    Just a reminder to Follow your Dreams!
    #monaco #michaelflatley #irishindependent

  • Fourteen Days of Lockdown is Over!
    Check out the video!

  • From Team Flatley:
    We have a special message from Michael Flatley to his Lord of the Dance #FeetOfFlames troupe!
    As Team Lord approaches the end of its mandatory 14-day quarantine and gets ready to begin group rehearsals in Taiwan, the energy level is truly building to a fever pitch. Feet of Flames has answered the bell; it is the only #IrishDance show touring anywhere in the world right now, and the stadium tour is only days away from beginning there in Taiwan.
    Please support Michael's #FlatleysTapForTen charity drive: Link:

  • Michael raised €3,600 for Barnardos Ireland Charity: the limited-edition print signed by Michael was sold at Sheppard's Irish Auction House as part of the recent Castlehyde residue sale. Barnardo's is a very deserving charity and close to Michael’s heart.

  • Da Ivo restaurant in Venice. Mio favorito! I was asked to do a sketch for their wall. Fantastic food and service as always!!

  • This gorgeous woman worked with me for 20 years as my personal dresser and head of wardrobe. After a brave battle she lost her fight with cancer. Our hearts are broken, we all loved her. She will forever be in our hearts. May God rest her soul.
    Rowena Murray RIP

  • Happy Easter from Dubai! Love to all.

  • Dream! Believe!

  • I didn’t want the day to go by without saying thank you to the Irish Rugby Team for a fantastic effort in the Six Nations! Congratulations to Wales but I’m so proud of the Irish. The last minute elegant try by Larmour under enormous pressure showed the heart and the talent of this Irish team. Class! Remember lads, it’s not how many times you go down, it’s how many times you get up!! A loyal follower. @irishrugby @peteomahony @properchurch @sexton_johnny10 @cjstander @jordanlarmour @conormurray9 @rorybest2

  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day! God bless Everyone, Everywhere! ☘️❤️☘️

  • At the last Ireland v Wales game in Cardiff with great mates Dougie Howlett (All Blacks) and Richard (Tiger) Hughes (trainer Cardiff Blues). Looking forward to a great game by two great Rugby Nations.

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  • When will Lord of the Dancr return to Columbia SC! You are one fantastic production!

    Nov 01, 2022
  • Your performances are utterly amazing. Keep dancing, all you "Feet of Flames!" You are killing it!

    Oct 11, 2022
  • Hi Michael. My sincerest and humble, deepest, respects, to you.

    I was a professional tap dancer at age 10. Your work, astounds me.

    Thank You for it. You are truly, in my opinion, Lord of the Dance.

    I danced with Gene Kelly, Danny Kaye and more. My mentor was Danny Daniels.

    It would be an honor to meet you, see your show, "etc".

    God bless you, and, Thanks!

    In much, much affinity,


    Oct 04, 2022
  • Michael Flatley, Sie sind der größte Stepptänzer auf der Welt. Als ich ein Kind war und zum ersten Mal "Lord of the dance" gesehen hatte, hatte ich mir in den Kopf gesetzt, irgendwann mal Stepptanz zu lernen, wie Sie es können. Mit 18 Jahren hatte ich mir die ersten Steppschuhe gekauft und hatte immer die DVD Lord of the dance eingeschoben um die Schritte aus Ihrer Show zu lernen und mit 20 Jahren bin ich in die Musikschule gegangen um endlich Stepptanz zu lernen. Damit konnte ich endlich mein Kindheitstraum erfüllen und könnte nicht glücklicher sein. Danke Michael Flatley

    Sep 27, 2022
  • I just watched the umpteenth showing of Riverdance and although Colin Dunne was the lead in this one, you were the ultimate star of the show. You are an amazing man and deserve all the allocades bestowed on you, I'm in awe.

    Sep 27, 2022
  • Hello, After listening to your interview on the Empire Magazine Podcast with Chris Hewitt regarding your film Blackbird, I must say I look forward to seeing it! I greatly admire your attitude toward taking chances and just... doing it! Bravo!, -Simon

    Sep 27, 2022
  • Just had to leave a message after going to a screening of Blackbird at my local cinema in N.Ireland.I loved it! For a first time Director I thought Micheal did a marvelous job and hope he does some more in the not too distant future.

    Kind Reagrds from Co.Antrim

    Sep 11, 2022
  • Hi!

    It was the best dance show ever. Soooo fantastic.

    Thank you for a wonderful evening in KB hallen Copenhagen🥳💃🥳

    Best regards


    Sep 10, 2022
  • Hi Michael,

    I saw many years ago Riverdance it was superb, magnificent and unforgetable Tell me what happened to Jean Butler?

    Or has she retired from dancing?. P S your website is great.

    Sep 10, 2022
  • Just a quick message to say I really enjoyed the movie and hope there is a blackbird 2. I think if this is what you can produce for a first movie then you should definitely make more. There are more aspects of this movie that worked well than those that didn't. Certainly you are a credible actor and director, I think the script and dialogue could have been tidied up a bit in parts (some fantastic lines at the same time). Definitely a good movie experience and better than the usual Hollywood superhero boring nonsense any day.

    Sep 09, 2022
  • to Michael Flately:

    We are sisters, 7 and 9 years old. We live in California. We watched River Dance on-line, and we love it!! We watch it and we practice. We would love to meet you and invite you to visit so we can show you what we do.

    Sep 08, 2022
  • Loved seeing Michael Flatley on the RTE Late Late show last night ! What a star ⭐️

    Sep 03, 2022
  • Delighted you - as an immigrant - have made Ireland your home. Isn't it great to see people move here for a better life. I'm sure you fell same way? Cead miles fàilte to all.

    Sep 03, 2022
  • Well done Michael Flatley,

    for providing us with so much enjoyment and entertainment by your fantastic achievements in your lifetime,.

    You have used the talents God gave you to the best and no doubt your Irish mammy is so proud of you, looking down on you.

    I heard you on the late late show tonight with Ryan Turbidy. So happy to hear you mentioning God a few times in your interview, giving thanks and praise to the Almighty and wearing your ear ring in the shape of a cross. Nurturing your soul is the most important thing you can do as Padre Pio said prayer is the oxygen of the soul.

    Despite all your talents and fantastic achievements I was smiling listening to you and so delighted that your faith is so strong. You are a great role model.

    May God bless you, and your wife Niamh and your son Michael and your extended family. Stay strong in your faith.

    Praise the Lord, hallelujah hallelujah

    Sep 02, 2022
  • How long is the Lord of the dance show

    Aug 24, 2022
  • Just a quick message to say ,when I'm having a down moment I put the Feet of Flames dvd on ,it takes me away with the music ,dancing and Michaels solo performance playing the flute, every hair on the back of my neck stands on end ,my heart aches !! Never got to see the show in Hyde Park live in London or a live show ,follow your dreams 🥰

    Aug 22, 2022