The Artist

Michael Flatley’s approach to his works of art is commensurate with his approach to the art form he is more commonly identified with. He is a perfectionist and a master of attention to detail. His passion for terpsichorean dance is something he has previously said comes from his soul. He doesn’t dance because he wants to; he dances because he needs to.

In exploring movement and percussion he has sought to leave a lasting imprint of his inner self, hitherto invisible to the naked eye. The dance is over in an instant but the message from the dance is on canvas forever. The power can be felt emerging from the painting. The speed and precision that his footwork and body movements can achieve make this innovative method of painting distinctive and the resulting image is a visceral imprint direct from the inner mind.

A Flatley painting is instantly recognisable, it is like no other. Richard Brooks, Thee Sunday Times Arts editor described Flatley’s works as “Striking”. Michael Flatley has spent many years perfecting his art; the seemingly incalculable taps making contact with the surface and the powerful upper body movements each have a definite purpose in the overall effect and are thus translated as the paint reveals a complex fusion of colours that could not be achieved otherwise.

Michael Flatley is the only person to ever create paintings by dancing on canvas. He paints as he is inspired and has created many works as a result of his experiences around the world. The dancing light of the sun and moon on water is a constant source of inspiration and the serenity of the environment in which he places himself allow him to hear his inner thoughts. He has a deep interest in the imprisonment of the human soul, the afterlife and the doorway to the parallel universe.

It is only recently that he has revealed his works to the public after years of creating. Eccentric and idiosyncratic he has been known to disappear without explanation and can be found painting in his secret studio immersed in his work. He paints for hours on end for days at a time until exhaustion.

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