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Jul 16, 2014
Happy Birthday Michael!

Happy Birthday Michael from everyone at Lord of the Dance! more »

VB Comments

Dear Michael

Words cannot express the uniqueness and amazing qualitites capabilities within your dance routines especially so yourself and your team of dancers, it makes one feel emotional yet bursting with excitement just watching, the precision the movements the sharp movements are just that amazing!

Being from Byron Bay Australia, residing on beautiful Mallorca, my wish and plea is "Please is it possible to consider you bring your Dance show to Mallorca" so I may and no doubt many others would have the opportunity to see you dance live.

Yours sincerely

Jennifer Douglas
Mallorca Balearic Islands

Jennifer Douglas

When will the tour come to Germay. Thzere is no entry in the world tour.

There are many fans here and they will be VERY dissappointed


Please, please, please come to the US


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